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Dec 01, 1997

Basenji heaven!

From the minute we started assembling, Raffi was awfully interested in the box. Right away, he knew it was for him. (Something to do with 4 people chiming, "Look! Raffi! It's your cart!") It took a few minutes for me to figure out where to use the the hex key that affixes the wheels to the frame, but it was mostly pre-assembled.

He took to the cart like a duck to water, a dolphin to the briney deep, a hawk to the air. Like a Dorsey to an orchestra. Like a barrel to Niagra Falls. Like rain to Seattle. His forelegs are already heavily developed; by the time he gets some time on these wheels, he's going to be Raffi shwartzen-basenji.

We had to lift the back of the cart as he went down some steps, but as soon as he hit the turf, he was off and running. Forget walking. We had to limit his first few excursions to 10 minutes. (He did NOT want to go in.) Not only that, but when we got back inside, and he was out of the cart, he started chasing Gambi around the house. He was spinning in circles so fast, his lower half was hovering an inch or so OVER the ground.

Now when he wants to go out, he heads for the closet where we keep the cart, instead of the outside door.