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Dec 12, 1996

After a major search, no one could find the red tape measure that's supposed to be in my sewing box; so Josh went to my father's to borrow a tape measure. We took Raffi outside for this--a really bad idea because it was a perfectly sultry day, and while we were figuring out what to measure where, he took off for the hinterlands.

He really _MOVES_ dragging his lower half, and so it's hard to catch up to keep him from scratching up his thighs and feet. It was quite a run before we caught up, and then he only tolerated a delay of a few moments as I put his back half in a towel sling. (We ran until I was tired--paraplegic or not, he's got more stamina and speed than I do.) Raffi did slow down to say hi to a few folks who were out enjoying the day, then ran OUT of the sling when Josh rode his bicycle past, on the grass.

No harm was done, however; and we settled down by the house to measure Raffi for his cart. (He still stands exactly17in X 17in); he has an idea something is up, but no telling what he thinks. We have been telling him about the cart, and how he'll be able to run like he used to, but I'm wondering if he's getting images of driving a car?

I've taken some pictures of Raffi, Gambi and the pups and they're on the basenji gallery.