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December 8, 1996


In the hall by the door, we had a box of old coats to give away to the Salvation Army.

I was in my office, working. Gambi ran thru carrying a piece of bread; she put it in the box and carefully smoothed it under the clothes. I didn't say anything to her.

A moment later she went back into the kitchen, and came out with another piece of bread, which she put into the box, and carefully stashed.

She went back AGAIN and came out with yet another piece of bread. She started to put it into the box, but it was apparently too full of bread to please her, so she lay it down beside the box and pulled a piece of clothing OUT of the box to cover the bread with. Of course, then she had to go back and reaarange the contents of the box so none of the bread was showing. In the meantime, she snuffled out an old MILKBONE she'd put in there to get properly stale; and she took a moment or two to devour it before she went back into the kitchen for more bread. I called my son in to watch.

Gambi trotted thru my office with another piece of bread, which she put by the front door, behind a filing cabinet. When the front hall was stocked (should i say snacked?) to her satisfaction, she came to the edge of my office carpet and stopped, bread in her mouth, and looked around. She made some kind of decision-- I'd like to know what exactly was going on in her head--took off down the hall, with the bread still in her mouth, my son Benji trailing behind to see where she was going. (She put this piece behind under the cushion of the white loveseat.)

Somewhere around the eighth or so piece, I HAD to go into the kitchen to see where this bonanza was coming from. There wasn't any bread on the table but I saw the Welch's jelly jar and a plastic knife where the kids had made some jelly sandwiches earlier. The bread package had carefully been dragged under the kitchen bench, where ( yes, I hid and spied on this covert operation) Gambi was carefully taking out one piece at a time.

I did put up what was left of the bread, but i left one piece out for her under the bench. She took that piece and it joined the other in the den.

You might well ask why I didn't nip this activity in the bud. Gambi was doing this with a great degree of purpose. I just had to see where she was going to take this.

FWIW, Raffi is very aware of the stashes. When he has the munchies, he regularly checks the box (which he can reach) after his breakfast kibble.

So I guess, bread appears to be a special favorite around here too.