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December 7, 1996

Pup news:

This morning when I woke up, all 6 had climbed out of the pup closet and were curled roughly on me. I took this as another sign that it was time for some renovation; so we're trying different combinations to keep them penned. The problem is of course, the usual basenji containment issue; anything that Gambi can jump over, the puppies can climb or walk over, waddle thru, push aside or squeeze under. There's nothing that can escape like a basenji, even if they're only 4 weeks old.

Cardboard partitions aren't going to work; for the time being a laundry hamper is keeping the pups inside. We've also replaced the shredded paper bedding with an inch of unshredded newsprint, and have added a couple of enormous bones to give them something to do. The difference in their environment has kept them pretty busy all day.