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Dec 02, 1996

Puppy update

Diamonds is turning out to be a tri-brindle (or a brindle pointed tri, as the case may be) identical to Raffi.

Now with emerging teeth, the pups have taken a big interest in Gambi's food bowl, so we're offering puppy food 3x daily. It's quite droll watching them figure out how to eat. It's a good thing we were paying attention to Gambi--her visits to the puppy closet are frequent but brief.

They also growl and squeak among themselves and when they're excited, their tails stand straight up, with only a bit of a curl toward their heads.

In the meantime, Raffi has been quite puppylike! This morning, he came downstairs with a stuffed animal he'd stolen from my daughter's room, and he spent most of the morning tossing it around. I attribute this to Gambi's attention to him. She's not staying upstairs with the pups anymore but hanging out in the den in the sunlight, with Raffi. It's 35 degrees outside; and that Southern exposure is greatly appreciated.