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Nov 27 1996

How Does Rafi Run? We doublefold a towel and wrap it around his lower half. He has to be on a lead, or he'll run faster than the human carrying his back half.

We're going to order a cart from K-9 Cart Co (406) 995-3111 shortly.

Why are some people/vets so eager to "put them down" Initially I had asked if it would do any harm to wait until Monday to take him to my regular vet.

One of the reasons that we couldn't euthanize Raffi was that each doc he saw (and there were at least 10 in the first clinic alone!) had his/her own opinion. The final vet at the hospital 500 miles away, the one who refused to do surgery to stabilize raffi's spine, shook his head and said, "Do you really want to keep him? He could live for 10 or 11 years like this."

Ten more years. We could have him, alive, for ten more years. So--why kill him?

But that doctor had an agenda. He wanted to take him into his classes and use him to teach his classes. While he was still alive.

Another vet told us unless his spine was fused, Raf would be likely to do something small like roll over wrong and die instantly.

Raffi thrives on challenges. He's still a real garbagehound but not as much as a food thief as he was. He gets a big thrill out of the hunt.

Does anyone feed their dogs turkey necks? My grandmother used to supplement dry kibble with chicken necks (ugh) which are cartiledge and not bone. Any turkey neck recipes for dogs? We did ours with a pressure cooker.