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Nov 26, 1996

We gave been asked how is Raffi getting along and is he the

great uncle or daddy ?

Rafi came from Daytona Beach (lucky dawg). Gambi came from a different state entirely. There is NO sibling relationship and Rafi is most definitely the Daddy.

Gambi's heat ended about the same time as his accident. We are considering the pups a gift from God as we did everything we could to prevent a litter other than board one of them out. Of course, they are also a gift from his overactive basenji libido. What a rake.

He is a wonderful daddy and has an amazing temperament. He's quite concerned if the pup's whimper, and eager to play with Gambi when she escapes the pups to come lie her head on him. You know--the full basenji-comfort-contact-cuddle.

He is a trindle; and he has passed on his varigated red/blackpoints to 2 of his babies. Lucy (the only r/w) is a throwback, and the rest are b/w

Thanks for all your kind wishes! Raffi and company.