Nov 21, 1996

The Big Event Part II

Details: the r/w is Lucy because she's red with black roots, and we love lucy. I think the ears will be black and a portion of the tail will be brindle. She's the big explorer. Always wandering off the pillow and around the closet. She seems to be looking for PEOPLE!

Valentine crawls on top of everyone. She's big on full body contact during naptime. (B/W)

Cowboy always ends up underneath Gambi. IF we hear someone shriek, its probably cowboy, trying to tell Gambi to get OFF of him. I think its because he has a particularly favorite seat at the milk bar. He looks JUST like raffi. He's so beautiful.

Diamonds is a purely gorgeous tri with brindle markings on her points.

Shadow (lastborn, with a narrow white ring) was fairly difficult to distinguish, but we observe a particular attraction to puppy shadows cast on the wall. Ok, we know her eyes are still shut, but she still seems to be doing it.

Teenie is an inspired eater. Teenie who was the smallest has caught up. In the joy of eating, her tail points straight up. Also, she likes to sleep on her back.

They are all pretty quiet. Gambi's a good mommy.

Allie, Josh, Benji, Lauren, Kitty, Raffi, Gambi, Diamonds, Cowboy, Teenie, Valentine, Lucy and Shadow.