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September 1, 1996

Raffi's primary joy was chew toys and the occasional dinner plate theft, at least until the advent of Gambi.

Gambi likes to hide her chew toys under the couch cushions (for a rainy day, I guess). The problem is that she either forgets which cushions the toys are under, or Raffi follows behind her and eats them, or, she eats them and forgets they're gone. At any rate, she becomes convinced there is something IN the couches, and she knocks the cushions on to the floor. In the course of her searches, she notices the cushions are foam, and if it's one thing she loves to dig, chew, and mangle, it's foam.

And when Raffi sees her digging, he can NOT resist. He LOVES to dig. But he doesnt do it automatically, only when he sees her (or one of us) digging first. (Outside, after one look at the shovel in action, Raffi dug at least 50% of the hole where Josh eventually installed the basketball goal.)

Gambi is a trial.

So we have 2 couches and a loveseat with serious damage, and a king size mattress with a dig-hole in it. Also, tennis shoes (leather and otherwise) seem to be a great delicacy, particularly the opening through which you insert your foot. Underwear of course. They also get into the pantry and attempt to pop the tops of cat food cans. They have, however, never broken into the rubbermaid bin that houses their own food, (bowls of which often sit, except for an occasional nibble, unattended for days).

Immediately, I'm going to smear Vicks on our new shoes and see what does--or doesnt--happen.