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May 23, 1996

Dog Park

I hate to say it, but...walking 2 b's, we've started letting ONE off the lead (in a certain area.) Never both at the same time. Raffi takes it very seriously, and scouts about a bit but never wanders. Somewhere in his history, I think he was definitely bumped by a car, because car noises scare him back to us, or back home (via a grassy trek only). Gambi sticks pretty close to him, so if she's off lead, all she wants to do is get in his way.

Raffi doesnt care too much for the patio but Gambi loves it. She's uprooted ALL my azaleas along the west fence, and has dentally threatened the freon tube coming from the outdoor portion of our AC. We're considering encasing it in metal or pvc but I'm afraid it's just a temporary measure. There's something about the former azalea dirt that induces Gambi to loll about on her back with practically everything but the tip of her nose submerged in warm well-digged dirt. I think we'll plant something green (parsley)? to give her something of interest healthier than freon tubing.

I have to mail Gambis crate back but am having a heck of a time finding her former owner's address. I'm afraid she's got some barely discernable white specks in her eyes and I also want to know more about her lineage/ medical history.