Feb 21, 1996

Basenji Game:

Where's the cat?

Select a random towel. (A freshly used bathtowel is good)

Pet it, and call it kitty, nice kitty, "feed" it munchies, and hug, and stroke.

Your Basenji player will be watching this with increasing interest and perplexity.

Put Kitty in a cabinet or on the floor or somewhere out of the room.

Now tell the basenji... "Find the Kitty." This might take some coaxing until she learns the game.

Sit down to read .

Once she know the game, this is followed by an enthusiastic search.

Then you are faced down by a pair of bouncing, pleading eyes, begging you now to open the cabinet so she can show you what she has found. The niftiest part of this (with the Basenji who loved this game--Foxy of course--) was that if it was a shampooey towel, that terrycloth was in for a serious cuddle. (In our house this was usually watched by mystified Flo and Eddie, rescue siamese kittens)