January 12, 1996

Remembering Foxy

Foxy used to whack the kitchen door latch to get it open. It was an L-shaped handle style; and we used to hang a bell on it.

First she started off (puppy age) whacking the bell when she wanted to go out. Pretty soon she figured out how to eliminate the middleman. We also had a sock tied to another door, (said sock became her tug toy) but that was such a terrible idea.

I won't go into it extensively; suffice it to say that the sock fetish was responsible for repelling a burgler who had broken into my house. All I said was, "Foot, foxy" and she went for his socks as if she hadn't been fed for a week. He fell down 3 flights of stairs, rolled out onto the porch and I never saw him again.

The shoe (which Foxy kept) was a dingy white Ked, size 11 1/2. Much to her dismay, I gave it to the policeman. You should have seen the way he was looking at Foxy. (Pure disbelief.)

"That little dog chased him off? You're kidding me, right?"

When they caught the burgler a few months later, I never went in (he was extradited to another state) but I always wanted to ask if, when they caught him, he was wearing two shoes.